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Istopolis Group specializes in the study, design, development and hosting of websites. We developinternet projects such as corporate presentations, e-shops, portals, vortals, etc.

The methodology of the company in web design is characterized by its absolute originality, aesthetics, ease of use and excellent functionality.

Istopolis Group undertakes the study, architecture design and art direction of the website. Our company’s skilled web designers, create the design proposals for your websites from scratch. Implementing the development of the structure of links and programming of HTML & ASP by our company’s experienced web developers.

In order to develop dynamic websites, we undertake the design and development of the database and the associated dynamic websites. The developed management applications are easy to be used by the managers of the websites, and they do not need specialized knowledge to modify the dynamic fields of sites.

CMS (Content Management System)

We provide online management capabilities (add, modify, delete) in all fields of the database through the CMS, to the managers of dynamic websites, which are developed by our company. It is an easy to use application of online content management capabilities in accordance with the needs of our clients -partners. The CMS application functions as a web application (web based User Interface) for all commonly used browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox,etc) and it is easy to be used by the managers of web sites.

Quality Assurance The job done for an online project by Istopolis Group, requires the necessary care to ensure quality that characterizes our work.

Training Training for who will be using the online content management of the website.

Support Free technical support for any problems that may arise during the management of the website.

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