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Istopolis Group specializes in the design and development of iOS applications & Android apps. The largest percentage of users worldwide surf the Internet through their smartphones and tablets.

The applications (iOS & Android) are one of today's most important tools of digital marketing. Applications made from scratch on the basis of the needs and objectives of each company, e-shop, organization and media, open and expand the current market. Istopolis Group undertakes the design, development and promotion of iOS & Android apps for each company, business and organization.

Display design

We undertake the creation of the design of the application. We focus on the design of all the individual pages of the application, in order to stand out and leave its unique mark. At all stages of the design, your own contribution is included, so that the end result meets your requirements and expectations. Based on the structure of the application and the logic of its navigation, the visual will be designed with high functionality and aesthetics, with particular emphasis on its functionality and its simple, but visually robust design, which will effectively meet the target.


The navigation strategy and the structure of the application will be decided in cooperation with the company’s managers, aiming at the maximum user-friendliness of the application to the user and the direct view/access to important information (information one tap away).


The structure of the application will be decided in cooperation with the company’s managers.

Application technology

The technology that will be used for the development of the application is inseparable from the device in which each version of the application is directed.

  • Objective C: iPhone App
  • Java: Android

For QA testing in support of the application, iOS, Android, and Windows devices will be used when needed.


The application’s architecture consists of the following points:

  • On the client’s side, where all users of mobile phones have the application installed. The data will be stored in the device’s memory.

Distribution / Hospitality

The applications developed will be uploaded on the Apple “App Store” for iOS, “Google Play” for Android and “Market Place” for Microsoft.

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