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Corporate Identity

The graphic design department of IST Group, responsibly undertakes the design of your corporate identity, focusing on the strict marketing rules and aesthetics.

The primary and most important part of your corporate identity is the logo.

After we decide together on the image we want your logo to inspire to those who see it, andon the style the image conveys, we design a logo worthy of the level of your products or services.

Moreover, the basic corporate identity includes (besides the logo), the design of:

  • Professional cards
  • Stationery
  • Corporate Folders
  • Envelopes

Additionally, depending on the needs and type of the business, a comprehensive corporate identity may include:

  • Bags, Packages or Boxes
  • Signs and Illuminated signs
  • Corporate CD (stickers & covers)

Your corporate identity is the first impression you make on your partners and customers, and according to several surveys, one well-designed, elegant and highly professional corporate identity, positively predisposes the way people see your company.

Therefore, give the necessary attention to your corporate identity.

For all the above services, we provide the appropriate print jobs, wherever you deem necessary.

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