S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

S.E.O. is the sum of all the procedures and necessary steps taken in order for a website to reach the top (organic results) on a search engine on specific words or key phrases related to the products or services of the website. Once this goal has been achieved,it results in an increase of visitors and consequently, an increase in sales.

SEO procedures are divided into two basic categories:

On Page SEO

(The work done on the site itself)

Some of the key issues in this category, is the right choice of words or phrases, the correct titles, structured information, the right content and the avoidance of duplicate content, the proper use of meta tags, the use of ALT in your images, and generally a well-written code.

Off Page SEO

(Work done outside the site)

The most important parameter in this category is the creation ofbacklinks which should be primarily qualitative and relative to the company and its products or services. This is a time consuming and difficult task, requiring patience and methodicalness. There are several methods for obtaining backlinks and they vary, depending on the project. One of them is the inclusion of the site in related thematic and general web directories, posting on forums, an article entry, the search of competitors' links, etc.

CAUTION: Avoid cooperation proposals that give you guarantees for grading on specific words or key phrases in the organic results, or promise that your page will be found in the first page of Google in 1 month.

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