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Istopolis Group provides specialized support services on content management on websites that have the need of continued support and renewal.

These support services may include ameliorative service on the existing material of the site, as well as constantly new ideas that aim at the promotion of more specific strategies for each company. Any change – conversion that the websites might need, even with great expectations (apart from the complete reconstruction), can be supported by Istopolis Group , as part of this service.

Sample of these services:

  • Ability to change static content in all links of the website (text and photographs)
  • Control and optimization of photographic material from their original form - quality
  • Creation of banners
  • Link banners to specific pages to promote specific services or products
  • Updates on the website
  • Control and optimization of existing content
  • Redesign of website
  • Create targeted micro-sites
  • Support Newsletter Campaign

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