Google AdWords & Network Ads

  • Get more customers with a low cost
  • Reach the right people at the right time
  • Pay only for the results

We design and implement, targeted advertising campaigns for your business, your products and your services in order to increase your profits.

Advertise on Google results with keywords that we will define together. Your ads will appear on top or next to the search results, and you will only pay for those who click on your ads.

Istopolis Group offers:

  • Creation of account and setup of all parameters
  • Creation of campaign and ad groups
  • Selection of the right keywords for maximum campaign performance
  • Define cost per click for every keyword
  • Research and creation of the best ad texts
  • Direction of advertising to the correct landing page
  • Setup conversion tracking in Google Analytics
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the campaign
  • Monthly detailed report campaign

Optionally, we can be adjust the e-commerce data to Google Analytics.

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  • portfolio: Coca Cola
  • portfolio: BedGlobal
  • portfolio: Medical Tourism Premium
  • portfolio: World Travel B2B
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